Ottawa Park: Claudette Cain Park

Recently we asked readers to start sharing their favourite Ottawa parks using this handy form. We want to be everywhere in the city, but we are only three gals - we need your help to give us the inside scoop!

So straight from our fab reader Diane Dauphinais, here's the lowdown on Claudette Cain Park (660 River Road, Gloucester, Ontario):

Located on the banks of the Rideau River, Claudette Cain has a soccer field, walking trails, two play structures and a splash pad with lots of shaded areas on a hot day. There are picnic tables, plus benches along the paths.


What are your kids' three favourite things about the park?

The play structure, splash pad and meeting and having a picnic!

What is your favourite thing about the park?

The shade. I can stay cool, meet up with other friends and their children and spend a great amount of time visiting. My children never become bored or want to leave! There is enough to do to keep them busy and outside most of the day!

What kind of seating does the park have?

Lots - picnic tables, benches. Also lots of room to bring a blanket and sit on the grass anywhere.

Other details?

There's shade, and bathrooms. The park has two parking areas - one by the play structures and one near the splash pad. It's easy to get a spot at either one at any point during the day. The lots are not a far distance from each other.

My kids are 3 and 6, and this park is perfect for their age group!

Reader bio: Hi! I am Diane Dauphinais, happily married and mom of two young energetic children, Emily & Samuel. I am also a Professional Pediatric Sleep Consultant, devoted to helping families develop healthy, independent sleep for their children. Our website is, and you can find us on Facebook.