Playing and Learning with PlaSmart

Do you have a Plasma Car? We got one when they were at the height their popularity, and it's one toy that has stood the test of time in our house. Now at 7 and 4 years-old, my girls are still playing regularly with the car (in the winter, they drive the car around the kitchen and dining room!)

I've since followed PlaSmart Toys with interest, as I love the type of toys they distribute here in Canada. I was super excited to get the chance to review a couple of new toys here on the blog. First up - Catch and Learn! (stay tuned to the blog as I'll soon be reviewing a fort building toy)


Catch and Learn is an educational game where kids get to "fish" for the answers to mathematical or alphabetical problems. 

The game comes with 10 dry-erase fishies, a dry-erase marker and a retractable magnet fishing tool. The kids get to make up whatever game they want (we've done adding, subtracting, multiplication and spelling) and write the answers on the fish.

I love that this game can be used for different ages, and my 4 year-old has as much fun with it as my 7 year-old. As with the Plasma Car, this is a game that keeps getting brought out.

The only potential issue? The fishing line is retractable, and therefore a TON of fun for the little to the point that they like to tie the retractable line around various things in the house. Then Mommy spends a lot of time untying knots. But I will say - despite the abuse this little fishing line has taken, it has not broken!

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Do you own a PlaSmart toy? What do you love about it?

Disclaimer: in exchange for this review, we were provided with the Catch and Learn toy. All opinions are our own