A day at Calypso with the kids


We had only been to Calypso once since it opened, and that was two years ago. Ever since, the kids have been asking to go again because they loved it so much. For a million reasons, we never made it a priority. I promised them we would go this summer and so on my very last free weekend before school starts back up, we got there - and it was fantastic!

What we loved

We aren't really a speed demon family and we have outgrown the little kid section of the park, so we stuck to a few attractions that provided endless entertainment for all five of us.


* Jungle Run lazy river - this tame lazy river almost never has a wait and my kids could have happily just gone around and around without every stopping for hours at a time. This probably shouldn't be surprising based on the fact that they would spend hours in tiny hotel lazy rivers, but they really enjoyed this and it was one of our faves of the day.

* Kongo lazy river - this is the more exciting "lazy" river and we waited the longest. The line-up got too long for us by the end of the day. It's super fun and worth waiting for at least once or twice while you're there, though! You float atop a tube and get to see all kinds of fun Kongo scenes and get pulled around through faster and slower parts, wavy parts, spraying parts, etc. I cheated and went through the inner tube so my feet could be on the ground and I could control how likely I was to end up with a bucket of water on my head (not my favourite!)


* Wave pool - the wave pool is amazing, but also intense. I won't let my kids go in alone and I won't let them go in without life jackets. It's got REALLY big waves and there are hundreds of people in there. I do feel it's well monitored with at least 10 lifeguards watching closely, but I still wouldn't let my kids in this pool unattended. With parents and lifejackets though, the kids LOVED the wave pool and getting thrown around by the waves. 

* Family twisters - there are four small slides that are very anti-adrenaline and younger kid friendly. My kids are too big for the kiddy area but these slides are just the right place for a bit of sliding without worrying about their stomachs dropping out from under them on the bigger slides. The lines are relatively short and we can just sit at the bottom while they go up and around many many times.

Pro tip

Reserve a table in the shade when you get there. We got there when they opened and had no problems finding a table. A couple of hours later I saw quite a few open tables, but by early afternoon they were hard to come by.

It seemed to be pretty standard procedure to leave your stuff at a table and have it unattended for the day. We were happy to have a table to come back to to for eating and drying off, or just to take breaks and cool down from the really hot sun.

Many people in the park had coolers (you can go back out to the car and grab it when it's time to eat) and bringing your own food makes the day more cost effective. (Seeing all the coolers in the park made me think we should have a post about how to pack a cooler for a family day out too - that kind of stuff always overwhelms me so I skip it and spend a fortune on food ;) 

Word of warning

You cannot wear shirts on the slides at Calypso - including swim shirts. It's not very prominent on their web site or very well explained. It meant my daughter, who I put in a swim shirt to protect her from all-day intense sun, couldn't ride any of the bigger slides. For many of the boys (and some girls too, though my daughter didn't feel comfortable doing this) they can just take the swim shirt off for the slide. Instead my daughter had to skip some of the slides she really wanted to go on because we brought the wrong swimsuit.

The cost

The price for Calypso is not inexpensive. My twins JUST qualify for the small pricing and by next year will be in the tall pricing, meaning that for our family of 5 to attend the park it will cost us at minimum $250 + tax to get in, plus $10 for parking and $10 for a locker. 

That's why I'm very tempted by their current promotion for $40 off yearly passes if you buy before the park closes for the season on September 4th.
$89 for small (From 1m to 1.32 m) and $109 for tall (1.32 m and over) is just over the cost of attending twice next year, and if you buy this year you can try to squeeze in one last hurrah before they close!

The kids deemed this the most fun thing we'd done all summer, so I call that a major win. We'll definitely be back next summer!