The "New" Adventureland in Ottawa

We have been informed that, sadly, Adventureland has permanently closed :(

You may want to check out the following attractions instead:


Kids Kingdom

Cosmic Adventures


I’ve taken the kids to Midway before, both for fun and for a birthday party and they loved it. This past Friday we had the opportunity to visit the new Midway Adventureland (same location, added activities) and they loved it again! So, what’s new and what’s the same?


What’s new:

  • Batting cages

  • Balladium

  • Mini zone (for the little ones!)

What’s the same:

  • Arcade games

  • Jungle gym

  • Mini golf

  • Kids train

  • Bumper cars

  • Rock climbing


We had a great visit and were lucky that it wasn’t too busy for a PD day. Here are some highlights from our day!


You have to be buzzed in and out and have a stamp that matches your child to be able to leave with them. When it comes to our kids, parents love security!

Super friendly staff

Every single staff that we had interactions with were friendly, helpful and great with the kids!

Arcade games

Who doesn’t love arcade games? The kids love them, parents love them and they had a great variety. Any arcade game can quickly eat your tokens, but there were many packages to choose from that include game tokens. Midway Adventureland has a token/ticket system, which the kids love (especially the “ticket eater” at the end that counts your tickets). Parents may prefer the card type systems, but kids love having a little brown bag bursting full of tickets!


Mini golf

The kids loved the mini golf here. It was all glow in the dark and challenging without being too hard for my youngest.

Rock climbing

Both kids found it a bit challenging, but both enjoyed it. There are lots of activities for young kids (train, new mini zone, jungle gym) so my oldest was happy to try this activity.

Jungle Gym

Always a hit.


One of the disappointments of the trip was that not many of the ball guns worked in the balladium, so the kids were just throwing balls at each other and it became quite chaotic. That said, if the ball guns were working, I think this would be an awesome activity. The kids were excited to try it. And remember that the bouncy castle, batting cages and cafe are all closed on weekdays.


Overall we had a great visit and would happily come back - especially on a weekend when all activities are open.