Easy and cute Valentine's Owl

On Sunday we hosted a group of 5 year-old girls for a special Valentine's Day party at our house. There were cupcakes, Valentine's Bingo, and a couple of crafts - including this sweet little owl!


What you'll need:

  • toilet paper roll
  • pretty Valentine's paper (or paint)
  • red and orange construction paper
  • googly eyes
  • hot glue gun

I didn't have any fancy Valentine's paper, so I ended up having the kids paint their toilet paper roll white. If I ever do this craft again I will *not* use paint, as the glue was having a lot of trouble sticking! Wrapping your roll in patterned paper would be a better option.


Once the paint dried, we bent the top of the roll to create the owl's ears. Next, I helped the kids to glue all of their individual pieces on. You COULD use white glue I'm sure, but 5 year-olds are not exactly patient when waiting for glue to dry. I also pre-cut all the pieces for the kids, but older ones (like my 8 year-old) would be able to cut her own pieces no problem.

Finally, I let the kids decorate their owls by colouring hearts or adding stickers on the body. Again, the paint did not help us out here - paper would be much easier!!