Super cool arts camps in Ottawa

I don't know about you, but I am NOT prepared for summer! I have four weeks where my girls will be without childcare, and I've been procrastinating big time when it comes to camp registration.


Luckily, there are still spaces in many incredible local camps, including arts-based ones from Nepean Creative Arts Centre and the Nepean Visual Arts Centre - one of our fave blog sponsors. For a complete listing of all their camps, head over to their website.

Artistic Flight

Not sure what to choose for your child this summer? Sample much of what the Arts Centre has to offer – dance, act, improvise, tell stories, make music and create works of art. Every activity is a new adventure!

Board and Tabletop Game

Invent, design, and build your own board or tabletop game. 'Game-storm' your idea, draw-it-out, create the game mechanics, and test the rules. Build a prototype for a board, card, or narrative game, and play! (Note: this does not include computer gaming.)

For teens: Camp Music! Lights! Action!

Have a teen and not sure you want them roaming aimlessly all summer? This camp is SURE to keep them busy and engaged in something super creative. 

Musical theatre production includes vocal technique, singing, choreography, acting, and a technical component. Broadway-style song and dance. Instruction, rehearsals, and performance for family and friends in a real theatre. Program takes place the first week at NCAC; second week at Centrepointe Studio Theatre.

Musical Theatre

OK, can I just be a kid again? Or is there a musical theatre camp for adults? I would have LOVED this as a kid who was obsessed with all the big broadway shows.

This camp will introduce participants to the song-and-dance theatrical form. Covering good vocal technique, basic choreography, and staging in the context of the musical and dramatic creative process. Open house on the last day!

Leonardo Camp

Science and nature meet the visual arts, DaVinci style! Explore combinations of natural elements, science and arts activities. Creative inventions led by experienced fine arts professionals!

What unique and fun camps have you got on the schedule this summer?