Kids Kingdom

Kids Kingdom is an indoor play place located in both the East and West end of Ottawa, and offers hours of entertainment for Ottawa kids.


My daughter has had her birthday party there, and we regularly visit when it’s raining or the kids need to burn off steam. We usually start off with playtime in the large castle play structure. The kids can run over suspension bridges, whoosh down the slides, do a rope climb and crawl through tunnels. There is also an infant play centre for the little ones.

Next it’s off to the giant inflatable castle (with a climbing wall and slide.) When she was younger my daughter got too scared to come down, so I had to crawl up there after her. Now that she’s 6 she has no problems!

The highlight of the birthday party (other than cake) was the arcade games. I remember the same excitement as a kid - getting the tokens, playing the games, and then seeing how many tickets you won. The tickets can be traded in for sweet treats or small toys. For only $5, my daughter got to play several games and took home a ring and a candy.

Another great activity that we need to try is LASERFORCE Laser Tag. This is a 6,500 square foot laser tag facility, and kids can get their energy out playing hide-and-seek and developing tag strategies.


For weary parents, there's plenty of seating and healthy snacks at the Kids Kafe (!!)

If you're looking for something to do for PD days, vacation and over the summer, Kids Kingdom can be a great place to hang out and let the kids burn off their energy (and bonus - it doesn't involve them making an absolute disaster of your house!)

Have you been to Kids Kingdom? What did your kids enjoy about it?