5 Best Places to get Ice Cream in Ottawa's East End

Our family likes to try ice cream wherever we go! And since we live in the east end of Ottawa (Orleans) we’ve obviously sampled all the places to get ice cream in our neighbourhood. Stay tuned as we travel around Ottawa sampling the best cool treats our city has to offer.

Ice cream.jpg

Chocolat favoris

180 Vanguard Dr, Orléans
When choosing the 5 “best” I polled my kids, and of course they declared Chocolat favoris to be their favourite. There’s something about the fun flavor and dipping choices that makes this so exciting for kids - also, the “kooky” cones are the most requested.


4471 Innes Rd #102, Orléans

Frozen yogurt, and all the candy you can dump on top? Kids will say “yes please!” (Parents…our wallets may hurt a little here.)

Marble Slab Creamery

3722 Innes Road, Orleans (across from Toys R Us)
OK confession: we have not actually tried the ice cream here, but it’s on the to-do list! Canadian and locally made, this is definitely a winner for those who like their ice cream to be made close to home.

Laura Secord

Place D’Orleans shopping centre
I realize a trip to the mall is not what you had in mind for ice cream. BUT, I have to admit, Laura Secord’s ice cream is my fave (if parents get a vote??) It’s a very traditional hard ice cream, and I go for plain chocolate every time. Plus, I love the little piece of molded chocolate they stick on top!

Dairy Queen

2002 St. Joseph Blvd, Orleans
We couldn’t make a list of the best ice cream around without mentioning Dairy Queen. Located along St. Joseph in the heart of old Orleans, this place has been around for a long time! And when you’re craving a Blizzard, you really NEED a Dairy Queen Blizzard!