Birthday Party: Glow Wars Nerf Gun Battles

Last year my daughter had the chance to attend a Glow Wars Nerf Gun Battle birthday party for a friend, and she had such a blast that she insisted THIS was the perfect location for her tenth birthday party!! Since I love the idea of hiring out bdays (and keeping the mess out of my home!) I got in touch with GlowSport and asked if we could check out their packages.


Not that we know much about Nerf in our home. It’s not something my kids have gotten into as an activity, but ANYTHING glow-in-the-dark is usually a fun time for kids.

You can arrange your nerf war birthday party at GlowSport’s West or East end locations. Since we live in Orleans we went with the east end, aptly named “The Chop Shop.” Located in an industrial location near Innes and St. Laurent, the party takes place in a giant room with stacked tires and parked cars. Lots of places to hide!!


When you first arrive the kids are suited up in glow paint and glow t-shirts. This is also how teams are decided, and I was happy that staff took care of that so we could avoid fights over who was going to be on whose team!

We then went over all the rules in detail with our teammate - the person running our event. He got the kids to read the rules themselves (love it!) and I was happy to see that they addressed potential issues like safety or disagreements. I could definitely see the potential for kids getting upset or having arguments. Luckily we had an AWESOME group of kids that managed their disagreements well (usually it was: “I tagged him and he didn’t go to the safe zone!!”)

We then entered the playing zone and started a series of “battles.” The kids got a chance to pick their nerf guns from the “gun shop” and had the opportunity to upgrade to some pretty cool ones as we progressed through each round. Of course, the birthday girl was allowed to use the COOLEST nerf guns! And unlike other birthday parties, here we had 90 minutes to enjoy ourselves, which was the perfect amount of time. We finished the party in the party room, where we ate snacks and cake and watched the next group battle it out!


Adults are welcome to join in with the kids for $10, and my husband and I may have had a bit too much fun trying to hit each other.

Other things you should know:

  • This isn’t really designed for kids under 6. My soon to be 7 year old was OK, although she got a bit nervous at the start because it was so dark.

  • You can ask them to turn the music down! My daughter found it too loud, so our teammate turned it down to a volume that worked for her.

  • We went with the package for 15 as it meant two teams of 7 and 8

  • You can add food to any package. We ended up bringing our own snacks and cake, as the time we booked was after lunch

  • The party room is right above the play room, so keep in mind it will be quite loud when the next group starts. The kids didn’t seem to care, and everything was still glow-in-the-dark, so they loved looking at the different colour their clothes had turned!

Overall it was a wonderful experience. Our teammate lead was incredible with the kids and kept them focused. I think we’ll definitely be back - GlowSport offers many other programs and activities for kids.

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Disclaimer: GlowSport covered the cost of my daughter’s birthday party package. Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of GlowSport.