Back To School Apps That Make Life Easier

It’s that time of year again where parents struggle to keep their schedules organized, make sure everyone is eating healthy, and that homework is being done! We asked our Kids in the Capital Facebook Community for their favourite back to school apps that make life easier, and we received many great suggestions. Here are a few:

What are your favourite back to school apps_.png

Google Calendar


Available across devices, with Google Calendar you can share schedules, appointments and colour code everything for each individual in your family. When you create a family on Google, you also get a family calendar. Anyone in your family can use this calendar to create events that all the family members can see.


KITC fan, Carolyn Reid, regularly uses Doodle! She said, “Doodle is a quick and simple way for everyone involved in an activity (sports practices, music rehearsals, play dates, etc.) to choose the date that works best for the majority of the group. Great when organizing family dinners and Holiday gatherings too!”

Google Translate

If you have a student in full French or French Immersion (or learning another language) and you struggle to read the notes home from school or help them with their homework, Google Translate is a must have. You can use your camera for instant translation or translate between 103 languages by typing.


Evernote is a great way to make lists, store pictures and take notes. You can find information faster, share ideas between family members, take and save notes, web pages, projects, and to-do lists. This app is like a memory base for all the things you need to save and have handy, but don’t know what to do with.


OurPact can turn off most of the apps on kids iPods, iPads etc., so they don't have access all the time. It’s an easy-to-use screen time management app, which is important for kids to balance the pressures of social life versus school and home life!



Make grocery shopping, finding the best deals on food and making a grocery list effortless with Flipp. This handy app delivers digital ads from more than 1000 retailers (not just grocery stores!) so you can find the best deals.


If you’re a parent who’s received the “letter” (you know the letter - a warning that your child will be suspended if their immunization records are not updated!!) then you’ll love this easy app for tracking your family’s immunization records. No more lost yellow booklets!

Lara went on CTV Ottawa Morning Live to discuss some of these apps. Check out her segment!

Do you have an app you use everyday that helps you stay organized or makes your life easier? Leave a comment and let us know!