Things to See and Do in Peterborough

When my parents announced that they were moving out of my childhood home in Scarborough to a town just outside of Peterborough, Ontario, my brother and I were a little perturbed. Would they enjoy living in such a small town? What is there TO DO in Peterborough?

Fast forward ten years, and my parents are now happily situated in the north end of Peterborough. We visit regularly with our children, and we've had time to explore and discover this amazing city. Did you know that Peterborough is recognized as one of Canada's most eco-conscious communities? There are extensive walking and cycling trails, community gardens, and even a zoo! Peterborough's attractions make it an ideal destination for traveling with kids. 

Visiting Peterborough with Kids

Saturday farmer's market

I thought Ottawa had an awesome farmer's market, but this one takes the cake! So much great food, and everything moves indoors for the winter. I also find the prices to be much better compared to Ottawa!

Riverview Park and Zoo

Within walking distance from my parent's house, this has been our primary destination when visiting. There are many small and large animals to check out, as well as a giant slide, a huge playground, and an old train ride.

Canadian Canoe Museum

A fantastic museum full of unique watercraft. Your kids will love the hands-on galleries, scavenger hunt and puppet theatre!

Beavermead Park

A public beach, playground and great picnic spots! This is just one of all the great parks in Peterborough, and I encourage you to check out more at the City of Peterborough's website.

Play Street

We were visiting one rainy weekend and were desperate for something to do with the kids. I did a quick Google search and came up with this place - an indoor play place along the lines of Cosmic Adventures (but MUCH smaller and a lot quieter!) The girls loved the slides, but their favourite part was playing make-believe in the small houses at the back. The place was very clean, and there was a section at the front where you could sit and have a drink and snack.

I know I've probably missed a TON of great kid-friendly places in Peterborough, so let me in on the secret - where do you go with your kids in Peterborough?