by Lara A video went viral last week about a little boy in L.A. who built an arcade out of cardboard - have you seen it?

Caine, a 9-year-old boy, built an arcade out of cardboard in his father's auto parts shop. This kid is amazing - he replicated games he had played in a real arcade with cardboard... what an imagination, what a future engineer.

What I love about this video is seeing Caine create, and then seeing the celebration of what he created.  We need to celebrate these kinds of creations, to celebrate when our kids come up with the cleverest of ideas.

If you haven't seen the video - here it is.  Caine is amazing, @nirvan is fabulous from bringing Caine to light, and the best part of this is that Caine now has a college fund surpassing 100K.

Have your kids built anything amazing lately?

Lara is mom to five year old Kiernan and two and a half year old boy/girl twins Quinn and Juliette. Between the kids and her social media consulting business , she spends most of her time running frazzled.

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