Minecraft Workshops at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Minecraft Workshops!

My eight year old loves Minecraft - can't get enough of it!  So when a friend told me that the Canada Aviation and Space Museum was having 3 hour Minecraft workshops in March, I signed him right up for one on Sunday morning.

As expected, he had a blast.  I sat down with him to get him to tell me a bit about the workshop from his point of view. Here's what we came up with together:

If you like Minecraft you should go to this workshop because you can work together with other people to build one big rocket ship. You go mining to get material and climb mountains to get quartz. 

The teachers will take a picture of the rocket ship with the players on it and they will put it on Facebook to compare other people’s rocket ships from when they did the workshop. (note from Lara: I went to their Facebook page and didn't see this but maybe they're coming. UPDATE:  here they are!

It was fun to play with other players to build something.  It’s fun to see other people’s ideas and build something giant together to make something really creative, more creative than I could make alone. 

You can also make your own Golems which protect you.  Most of the kids at the workshop were great but some can be destructive and might destroy some of your work on the rocket and kill your Golems.  That part isn’t as fun.

I think this is a good workshop for anyone who likes Minecraft.  

Check out their web site - I know my son would be happy to attend again any time!

Here's a promo video from their web site if you want to see a bit more of what the workshop is like.





Museum Membership

by Lara Do you have a museum membership?  The first time we bought one was on Kiernan's first birthday.  We went to the Experimental Farm and by the time we left we were convinced that $90 was more than money well spent.  We've renewed our membership ever since and now, with three kids, the value is even more apparent!

Museum of Agriculture

A family pass to the museum of science and technology is $28.  A family membership is $90.  Four time and it's paid for!

This past Saturday we went to Science and Tech for the first time in about a year.  My twins are finally old enough that they can be at a museum without it being a horrifying experience for their parents!

Museum of science and tech

Museum of science and tech

We had such a wonderful time exploring we decided to take on another museum on Sunday!  This time we hit the aviation museum.

Aviation museum

Aviation museum

We plan on making many more excursions to the Farm, the "train museum" (science and tech) and the "plane museum" (aviation - there is so much more than just planes) this summer.

Do you have a membership to any museums?

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