IKEA for kids, a winner AND another giveaway!

by Lara If it weren't for IKEA, our house might look a bit bare :)

My husband and I have always been big fans and so when we had to choose furniture for our kids we went all IKEA !

They all had IKEA cribs (avoiding the DANGER DANGER of drop side cribs ;)

When it was time for a big boy bed we bought Kiernan IKEA bunk beds, which convert into two single beds (we're almost ready to set up the actual bunk beds, though we are very nervous about the antics our three monkeys will get up to once they're there).

Both twins have the day bed style beds that can pull out into King size beds and that have storage drawers underneath.  I thought this design was so genius we got one for the basement too.

They all have matching IKEA dressers too.  And this baby might be the most favourite thing my kids have in the house:

As you might well imagine - we're pretty excited about the new IKEA store and can't wait to explore all the new and exciting kids stuff they now have!

Kids in the Capital has been thrilled to be able to celebrate the new store with a giveaway for a $100 IKEA gift certificate.  Congratulations JennyB - #13 was the lucky number!!

Are your kids outfitted in IKEA too?

One more thing: Tomorrow we're announcing our next giveaway - 12 days worth - for the entire family. We'll announce one winner each day from the previous day's comments. Which means everyone who comments today is in the running for the first giveaway! This one's a surprise until tomorrow, though. :) It's a nice one that we'd kinda like to win also!