March 2012: What you might have missed

Activities for Kids It's that time of year and many of us are thinking about going to the sugar bush. Or staying a little closer to home for a treat at Sippy Cup Cafe. We also got to hear about the Whales Tohorā exhibit that's open until September at the Museum of Nature. (Don't miss out on it - it sounds fabulous!) Finally, we got to hear about going to see The Lorax at the movies.

If you're looking for some fun things to do at home, you could do some bean bag games at home. A great way to introduce your children to environmental consciousness is to choose eco-friendly activities to do. Here are a few fun ideas inspired by Pinterest.

Cooking and Crafts

This month Alicia's green crafts in honour of St. Patrick's day were a real hit! We also talked a bit about beading with kids.

It's always wonderful to make things with children - particularly food. Slow cooker chili is a simple one to get the kids in on - "dump and stir"!

Parenting Tips

Have you ever gone on a long drive and wondered how you'd stay sane? We got some good tips for keeping kids happy this month. We also heard from a veteran mom and organizer about how to keep your children's toys organized and manageable - for them and for you.

Karyn from Tail Wags gave us some incredibly valuable advice about helmet safety. If you read nothing else - don't miss this post. Finally, our question of the month was all about potty training and finding out all the methods that have worked for different families and children.

Social Media Mondays

We talked about how parents can manage raising children in this age of digital sharing and almost-constant connectedness. Related, we shared a few fun videos we've been watching with our families recently.

KIC Community

We've received a number of pictures already and there's still time if you want to contribute to our Call for Pictures. We'll have a new banner up next week showcasing a few kids from the capital!

What have YOU been up to this past month!? :)