Question of the Month: New Year's Eve/Day

Kids in the Capital is all about parents in Ottawa helping each other out by sharing tips and advice. Each month we will ask a parenting question and we want to hear all the gems of advice you have to share. Just leave your answers in the comments! And if you have a question you’d like to suggest, leave it in the comments or email us at! This is our bonus question for December, because New Year's is coming up fast! (Where did 2011 go!?)

What will your family do for New Year's celebrations? Do you let your child(ren) stay up to celebrate? What kind of New Year's Day traditions to do you have?


Kids in the Capital - Season of Giveaways We've been doing our Season of Giveaways over the last two weeks and we are happy to announce the winners of the Sens Skills tickets for today:

1) Paul won the 4 300-level tickets. 2) Jodie won the 2 100-level suite tickets.

We hope you and your guests enjoy the competition!

Don't miss your chance to win one last time this year by going and leaving a comment on Lara's post about The Royal Canadian Mint tour that she took her family on last week!