Olympic themed crafts and activities for kids

The Winter Olympics are set to start on February 9th, which means our newsfeeds and televisions will once again be filled with stories of elite athletes from all over the world competing in everything from figure skating, curling, skiing, and more!

Olympic themed crafts and activities for kids

We love watching the Olympics in our house. I find the Olympics bring with it a natural excitement and a strong sense of national pride. It’s also a great opportunity to teach kids about sports and activities they may not otherwise be familiar with, such as bobsledding and luge.

If you watch the Olympics in your house, the following activities and craft ideas make help you make them even more fun:

Homemade Olympic Medals

1)    Make your own Olympic medals

Making Olympic medals is an easy and fun activity for kids of all ages. A few years ago, I helped a local Sparks group make these medals. We used a simple salt dough recipe to create ours, similar to this one from Living Well Mom: Salt Dough Olympic Medals. However, instead of stars, we used a smaller circular lid and had the kids create their own Olympic rings (they used marker to colour them in once they were out of the oven and completely cooled).

2)    Make your own Olympic torch

If you plan on watching the opening or closing ceremony with your kids then they need an Olympic torch! Making a torch is simple. The only supplies you need are brown construction paper as well as red, orange and yellow tissue paper (for the flames). You will also need scissors and glue (or tape). Momstown.ca shares an easy torch craft here.

3)    Visit CBC Kids Olympics online

CBC has created a fantastic Olympic website for kids that includes everything from a Mascot colouring book, quizzes, facts to instructions on how to make your own table-top curling rink. They also have a section that teaches kids all about Korean food and other interesting things about the 2018 Olympic games. It’s a must-visit website during the Olympics.

Olympic Activities for kids

4)    Make Olympic bracelets

My daughter loves this Origami Olympic Bracelets craft – and it’s so easy! You can make them the colours of the Olympic rings or show your national pride and make them the colours of the Canadian flag!

5)    Host an Olympic-themed celebration or mini-Olympics

Now that you have all these fun Olympic-themed activities, why not host a super fan Olympic-themed get together for kids!? They can make their own torches, make Olympic inspired bracelets, participate in a torch relay, play table-top curling, compete in age-appropriate Olympic trivia (anything from what do hockey players wear on their feet during a game to what is the name of Canada’s torchbearers) and cheer on their favourite athlete competing that day.

There are many ways to celebrate the Olympics - and our athletes! Go Canada Go!

How do you get into the Olympic spirit? Share your ideas by leaving a comment.