The Dailey Method

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I think we can all agree that exercise is important and if you want to read more about lifting weights, check out this fabulous article about lifting more than babies (Moms in the Weight Room). Sometimes, though, a group exercise class is the kind of motivation we need to get out of the house. A room full of people all working towards the same goal, the pump-you-up music, the camaraderie, the schedule. There's a new studio in the Glebe that provides all that and more.

The Dailey Method is a group exercise class that combines barre work with moves from yoga, pilates, and core conditioning. During the hour-long class you'll work on all the major muscles groups using light weights, the bar, balls, and your body weight. It's an incredible workout with a focus on proper alignment and stretching. The Dailey Method is located in the Glebe and offers classes 7 days a week. This workout is appropriate for any fitness level including pregnant women. 

The greatest part is that the room next to the bright studio is a childcare room. Along with listing the class schedule online, they also list the times that childcare is available (free of charge to members and $5 for drop-ins). So if the only time you can make a class is when you have your little one with you it's no problem. They play while you get in a workout. You'll both have a great time!

If you've never done a barre class before, I urge you to try it out. It is an amazing workout and a nice change if you've been doing the same thing for a while. Your body will thank you.