Carp Splash Pad

by Anne

On a record breaking June day,(and yes even though june is not over it had to be record breaking 30+degrees!) I packed up the children in the car complete with an assortment of pails,diggers and dumptrucks. My children were excited to go to the rainbow park as they have named it. The drive there includes a game of what can you see-a mooing cow, smiling cat on sign, sheds, train tracks and more. Carp splash pad is located 14km from Stittsville, just behind Carp's farmers market(carp road- then turn onto Juanita rd). I usually park behind the baseball diamond as it is the middle of both parks.

The sand playground is comprised of swings, a seated digger, small structure of younger ones with a table for snacks, as well as a larger structure for older children with curvy slide, and straight slides. The entire area is fenced in which is a huge bonus for those parents who have runners. There is also mature trees that line the playground giving lots of shade and plenty of benches and picnic tables for nursing and providing snacks.

When the children are hot and have tired of the playground it is onto the short walk to the amazing splash pad. Equipped with pouring buckets,rainbow sprinklers, squirt guns, and a flower that sprays you it has variety for everyone. Did I also mention the other reasons I love this park? Again fenced in, shaded picnic area, and a CLEAN jonny on the spot.

Anne is the proud mom of two children, 2.5 and 4.

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