Food intolerances in children

by Lara

I grew up with what I called allergies. They weren't really. I was never in danger of going into anaphylactic shock, but I did have a two page list of foods I couldn't eat because of the extreme rashes I got from eating them. (My mother believes that dairy could have been one of the major culprits but nobody thought that might be it so it was never eliminated for me).

I hoped my kids would never go through the same thing but after months of awful rashes I realized we had to try to figure out what was causing my son Quinn so much discomfort, and that it could be food related. I really didn't want it to be food related.

After trial and error we figured out that Quinn still has a reaction to cow and soy milk (I am fairly certain it is to the protein and not the lactose). All 3 of my children couldn't digest either as infants (which was it's own other fun issue to tackle) but we thought they had all outgrown it. Instead we are now trying to manage one child who can no longer have cheese, yogurt, cow's milk or ice cream.

We've been lucky - he has accepted that he can't have a lot of these things because of the rashes they give him.  He has embraced his "special milk" and his "special cheese". But managing it both at home and when he is at daycare and preschool adds an extra layer of challenges.

We're lucky it isn't an actual allergy but only intolerance.  If someone slips up and gives him milk it isn't the end of the world.  It's often a challenge but the change in not only in his skin but his digestive system has been well worth it.

Have you gone through trying to figure out food intolerances in children? Do you have any tips?


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