A little YouTube time for the kids!

by Karen About a year ago, Brandon discovered YouTube via my husband, Matt. It all started with this little gem from last year's Super Bowl, which Brandon asked to watch over and over and over again:

Since then we purchased an iPad and Brandon has been introduced to mobile YouTube, which he can navigate like a pro. He's since been able to indulge his interests in various areas - sometimes it's even educational!





Alphabet (Phonics)

And the one that makes us laugh the most because Brandon actually emulates the accent (perfectly) and that is just crazy cuteness.

YouTube is a great (free!) way to entertain a child. With the right device, they'll even entertain themselves. But beware of the possibility of some "related" videos popping up in the sidebar that aren't appropriate for children. We're always close by when Brandon's on YouTube so we can monitor what he's watching.

Do your kids watch any videos on YouTube? What are their favorites?


Karen Wilson is a wife to Matt and mom to Brandon (3), who blogs about her life at Karen’s Chronicles. She also explores one of her favourite topics – social media – at her blog, The Media Mesh. You can follow Karen on twitter and find her in other places here.