What you might have missed: February recap

Activities for kids This month we went tumbling, we played video games WITH the kids and we checked out Disney on Ice.


This month's Kids Create post was about Love and Kindness.  It's never too late to add your submission to the link up.  Join us every month for a great craft carnival run by Alicia!

We also made treats for the birds.


We were thrilled to announce the introduction of a new section to Kids in the Capital - an events calendar! We invite you to check it out and to please contribute events to add to it!


We made maple syrup on snow and we talked about some great tips to make grocery shopping easier.

Giving Back

Kindness week happens in February every year.  This month's Kids in the Capital Giving Back post was about the Youville Centre - an amazing place we should all know more about and endeavour to help!

We also got to hear about the Ottawa Children's Gala.

Parenting tips

We had another installment from our friend Krista who is spending a year abroad in India and we heard about the wonderful value of pregnancy massage.


Pinterest is all the rage and a great way to find great ideas for things to do with or for the kids.  This month we had a post about Eco-friendly pinterest finds.


We welcomed a number of new sponsors this month (more to be introduced in March!)  We couldn't run Kids in the Capital without the support of our sponsors so we would really appreciate it if you took the time to read a bit about them and to say hi!

This month we met the Jewish Community Centre and Funnovation Imaginarium.

Valentine's Day

Do you do anything special for Valentine's Day? Carly wrote some fabulous posts on fun things to do for Valentine's day including a special kid-friendly dinner and decorating the windows.


February and Winterlude go hand in hand in the capital.  This month our library post was about books to read in the winter and we checked out Confederation Park.

We're always looking for new posts - if you'd like to contribute drop us a line at kidsinthecapital(at)gmail(dot)com

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April: What you might have missed

Just in case you missed it, here's a recap of all the great posts we had this month! Activities for Kids

Kinderconcerts at the NAC, swimming at the Bob MacQuarrie pool, visiting Proulx Farm and the Ottawa train station - we love finding new, different and interesting things to do with kids in the capital.


Our contributor Jenn opened many of our eyes to the world of Once a month cooking, and how it can be a great thing to do for a girl's night in, and also how to make your own pizza dough. We also read about making lemon cupcakes.


We're always looking for easy and entertaining things to do with the kids when we're at home. Paint pucks and toilet paper binoculars make for hours of fun!


Different libraries around the city offer a variety of great programs and services. Two moms talk about their branches in Orleans and Barrhaven.


Do you visit our great museums often enough? These moms talk about the Museum of Science and Tech and Aviation museum, the Museum of Nature, the Children's Museum and the Canadian Agricultural Museum.

Parenting tips

Saving money and getting good deals is important when you have so much kids' stuff to buy. Here are some tips on shopping and selling at consignment sales and hitting garage sales.

Next time you have a squirmy baby on your lap while you're trying to cut their nails, use some of this dad's advice on how to keep them still.

And if you're getting ready to decorate a kids' room, this mom has some great ideas on where to look.


Parks. As parents we spend a LOT of time in parks - they are so much more than just a play structure. We plan to visit parks across Ottawa here at Kids in the Capital and give you ideas on new parks to visit with your kids.

This month we visited a dog park, Big bird park, St Luke's park, Petrie Island, and the tot lot in the Glebe.


We've started a weekly photography challenge to help inspire you to take more and different photos each week. There are photography tips, there are photos from participants and it's never too late to start playing along! Make sure you check out weeks, 1, 2 and 3.


There are many fabulous playgroups around the city. This month we visited ones in Orleans (at Divine Infant) and in Old Ottawa East (in the old town hall).


Have you ever read a Sandra Boynton book to your kids? These great reads are short and sweet and quickly become favourites.


There are many great services that cater to kids in our city. This month we heard about singing classes for infants, indoor activity classes for toddlers, where to go for a good haircut, how to find yourself a a few minutes of calm and a great birthday party location. We even visited McDonald's!

Whew! All of this in our first month.

We are looking forward to sharing even more ideas and activities with you in the next month. But don't forget, you can share with us too. If you have an idea for a post or a post you would like to write email us at kidsinthecapital@gmail.com.