Kids in the Capital: Spring Call for Pictures

by Karen Have you been enjoying our winter collage at the top of our web site? We have. It's so fun to look at pictures of kids from the KIC community doing fun stuff in Ottawa when we come to the blog.

It's hard to believe that March isn't even over and the snow is practically all gone. But you know what the snow melting means? SPRING!

Last spring was a fun one for the Wilsons. Brandon turned 3 and we marked the day by visiting the Museum of Science and Tech. Not long after, we took him to the Agriculture Museum for the first time. We made a trip across the river on a ferry and drove to Manotick to see Watson's Mill, among other things.

One the the best parts of last spring was a little discovery we made in the top of the arbor over our gate. Three little robin eggs. We got to watch the eggs appear one by one, see the babies hatch and wave as they flew away.

What did you do last spring? Do you have memories you'd like us to consider including in the KIC banner? Email your photos (or links) to!

Thank you to everyone in advance for your help!