The Lorax

by Lara This March break we've been up to all kinds of things, one of which was an outing with Kiernan and I, my sister-in-law and her three boys to see the Lorax.

I will start by saying I haven't read the book recently enough to have any real recollection of the story, so if the movie was WAY off base from the book, well...

The movie was fun, beautiful, had great and catchy songs and was under an hour and a half long which meant none of the kids (the oldest being 8) started getting bored or antsy.

I think the message about taking care of the environment was clear and simple enough for even my five year old to get, which I liked.  I could see the twins, who aren't quite yet three, enjoying the movie once it's out on dvd (or netflix ;) but they still aren't ready for a movie theatre I don't think.


Have you seen the Lorax? Did you and/or the kids like it?

Lara is mom to five year old Kiernan and two and a half year old boy/girl twins Quinn and Juliette.  Between the kids and her social media consulting business, she spends most of her time running frazzled.