My Park: Big Bird Park

by Vicky Big Bird Park is our park. They call it Big Bird Park because from an aerial view it looks like a bird with its wings spread out wide. It's a mature park, full of trees, picnic tables and lots of wide open spaces to run or fly a kite. At one end you'll find a set of teeter totters and swings. There is a baseball diamond off to one side, although we have yet to try it out, and not one, but two playgrounds. The little kids' playground is gated, and has a smaller structure that is the perfect size for kids 3 and under. It's shaded under some large trees and we've spent many, many afternoons digging in the sand or riding on the spring riders.

The larger structure has a tire swing, another teeter totter, a tunnel to climb through and a really big slide!  One of my favourite parts of this park is what Joel calls the 'bridge'. It's a little wooden bridge over a culvert that leads to a path. In the summer the trees on the path create a canopy overhead, and when I walk through it, it reminds me of when I was a kid running through my park playing tag or hide and seek.


Big Bird Park is off Jeanne D'arc Blvd in Chatelaine Village Orleans.