ABC Challenge: Week two

Week two and I'm having a blast with this. More and more people are joining in to the challenge (you should too!) Here are my two photos for this week. The photo of Kiernan running is one of my favourite photos ever.

Y is for yellow

Y is for yellow

O is for outside

O is for outside

Participant photos

I love looking at the photos other participants have been submitting. Have you been checking out the flickr group? Here are a few to entice you over :)


How cute is this guy?! O is for outside by Carly@thetree.

parliament hill

A photo by meaklims after Kids in the Capital's heart :) (O is for outside)

Bokeh by jhscrapmom . So gorgeous. Too advanced for most of us for now I think. (W is for wet)

Y is for yellow

I love the feel of this photo by somekindofmom. Y is for yellow.

I could go on for a lot longer - there are so many fabulous photos to choose from! Please feel free to join us next week - it's never too late to start playing along.

Photography tip #2

I believe a lot of you are probably taking photos with point and shoot cameras so I've been trying to find tips that make people more confident in taking great pictures even without a DSLR.  Here are a few of the tips I've found:

1) Make use of the presets on your camera.  Once you learn what they do, they can help you take better photos without doing anything more than turning a dial or pushing a button.  Here is an article on that gives you more of an explanation on what all of the different presets do.  I'm a big fan of portrait mode.

2) Change your perspective.

- get closer

- zoom in tighter

- take a few steps off in a different direction than you usually do

- get above the scene, or below

It might make your shots more interesting and different.

3) Take a lot of photos. This is true no matter what kind of camera you have. I'm taking about 500 photos a week right now to come up with my 2 photos that I'm really happy with every week. Shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot - and then sift through to find the gems.


- The flickr group now has a main pool for all the challenge as well as a discussion thread for each letter so that you can see the groupings of each letter (since people aren't all doing the same letter on the same weeks). Check out the "an idea" thread to see the details on how to add photos to the threads.

- As mentioned before, it's never too late to start taking part. Please feel free to start adding your photos to the flickr group, even if it's not every week but just time to time.

- I am assuming a lot of the people interested in the photography tips are using point and shoot cameras as opposed to DSLRs. Could you please comment and let me know what you're shooting with if you're interested in my photography tips?

See you next week!

Lara is the mom to 3.5 year old Kiernan and 11 month old twins Quinn and Juliette. You can find her at her blog Gliding Through Motherhood.