ABC Challenge : Week 6

I'm loving the beautiful weather because we've been outside so much and I've been getting lots of great photos. I hope you have too! Let's get together

I am hoping that we can combine a bit of business with pleasure! I would love to meet many of you, and also learn from you.  Kids in the Capital also needs more photos of kids on Parliament Hill for promotional materials. So, is anyone interested in a meet-up on Parliament Hill on a Saturday or Sunday in June? Leave a comment here or I've also started a discussion thread in our flickr group.

Photography tip

Rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the basic things you learn in photography classes.

According to wikipedia the rule is "The rule states that an image should be imagined as divided into nine equal parts by two equally-spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines, and that important compositional elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections."

So you try to make the focus of your photo land on one of the intersections in a grid like this one:

I don't often think about the rule of thirds when I'm taking photos, but I realize that lot of the photos that I really like do tend to more or less follow the rule:

C is for climbing

rideon O is for outside

Try shifting your focus this week and see if you get any shots you like better that way. Or you can even try cropping your photo to see if it can adhere to the rule.

My two picks this week

F is for friends

These boys had such fun together.

F is for friends

Q is for quiet

I adore this photo of my daughter with my mother in law

Q is for quiet

Participants’ photos

457:1000 Feeding the geese

We love going to feed the ducks and geese. G if for green by Dani.

X is for Xcited

Look at that hair! X if for xcited by Stella.

365:23 Zoom

Z is for Zooooooooooom by Eisangel

q is for quiet

I want to be in this moment. Q is for quiet by lilypilly.

As always, it’s never to late too join the challenge. We hope you’ll play along!

Lara is the mom to 3.5 year old Kiernan and 1 year old twins Quinn and Juliette. You can find her at her blog Gliding Through Motherhood.