Everyone's birthday

Have you ever noticed the way kids always want to help the birthday boy/girl blow out the birthday candles on a cake? They crowd in and hover as close as they can get, take a deep breathe and blow all over the cake! There's no wonder they all want a piece of the action, birthdays make you feel special! So why not create that moment of magic any day of the year?

Not too long ago Joel and I baked a cake and decorated it. He insisted that it was a birthday cake, even though it wasn't his, nor mine, or anyone's birthday that day. When I asked him who's birthday it was he replied 'everyone's birthday!'

That's when the idea came to me, why not have it be a birthday cake? So with some friends, we lit the candles, sang happy birthday to everyone, and let the kids blow them out.

You should have seen those happy faces!