Trick-or-Treating with a Halloween posse

 by Brie I love Halloween. I loved dressing up as a kid and, after checking that my costume fit over my parka, wandering the dark streets with friends in search of candy. Now I love watching my own kids dress up and wander the dark streets with friends in search of candy.

The girl was only two months old her first Halloween. Still, I dressed her up in a little leopard outfit and touted her to the door every time kids yelled trick-or-treat! They might not have been very excited to see a baby leopard, but I was excited to show her off.

 For her second Halloween we invited some friends to come trick-or-treating and unintentionally started my new favorite holiday tradition: the Halloween posse. That year the girl ate pizza in her pig costume and then walked, okay was carried, the streets in our neighbourhood along with her little dressed-up friends.

When she was two the girl dressed up as a mouse and her brother wore the little leopard costume. We ate pizza and then the girl ran ahead with her dad while I carried the boy in a sling on the front of my chest. It was a full house of excited kids and parents that night, but the most memorable part for me was the fact that the boy had an unheard of two hour nap in the bassinet in the middle of the living room. Obvious the key to getting a baby to sleep is throwing a Halloween party!

When the girl was three she wore a Snow White costume handed down from my cousins and her brother was a pig. This night the girl and her friends managed their longest trek yet, hitting up houses on  both sides of the block. The boy was uncertain about what exactly to do, but he soon saw that his sister was getting candy if she went up to the door and so he followed her lead.

This year we will be hosting friends again. Some of the friends have joined us before, some will be new. We will have a potluck, take pictures of all the  kids sitting on the front steps and then wander the dark streets together looking for candy. Because while the candy and the costumes are all fun, the best part of Halloween is hanging with your posse.

What are your plans for Halloween? Will you be hanging with your Halloween posse?

Brie is the mom of a 4 year old daughter “the girl” and 2 old son “the boy”. You can read her blog at Capital Mom.