Question of the month #6: Halloween candy

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A bag full of candy is one of the greatest prizes for a kid at the end of a night of Halloween trick-or-treating, but what then? What happens to all that candy?

When the girl was two and we didn't want her eating too much candy we traded her a video for her bag and she was thrilled. One set of parents we know switched out all the chocolate bars with bags of regular chips and boxes of raisins after leaving each house. Other friends have let their kids eat as much as they want on that first night. Last year the kids each got to pick one treat to eat after we got home, so I really can't blame her throwing up that night into my open hands on the fact she had pigged out on candy.

What do you do with your child's Halloween candy? Are they allowed a set amount on Halloween to eat? Do they get to gorge themselves? Do they hid it away and make it last until Christmas time?