Making blueberry muffins with kids

by Rebecca This is a perfect recipe to make with your little one. I got it from the Meals Matter Web site – they have lots of really great info about parenting and children from birth on, including many ‘to make’ together recipes.

These muffins end up being perfect in mini-muffin size for the Boy’s snack at preschool.

Have fun together – it’s okay if the flour spills (it will) or if they eat the blueberries and get it all over their hands (they will) – that’s part of the fun! The recipe can be found on the Meals Matter, but below are our pictures.

**NOTE: The recipe calls for buttermilk, but I rarely buy it. Instead, add 1 tbsp of vinegar and add regular milk until you reach a cup.

This recipe makes 24 mini-muffins and 6 large, or a dozen large Picture 098 yes, that is a baseball spatula. That’s the one he cooks with ;) Picture 099 Picture 101 Picture 105 Picture 106 Picture 107 Picture 112 Yum! Enjoy

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