Question of the month: Potty Training

Every parent knows the day will come when their child is ready to start potty training. Some start very young, before their first birthday. Others start a bit older. Every age presents unique challenges, but parents who have been there always have clever little tips and tricks they used to help make the process go more smoothly. One thing we've employed with my son is giving him gummy vitamins as a treat. He loves them and looks at them as a treat and they're good for him! I tried to give him chocolate and he didn't want them. (We're debating whether there was a switch in the hospital - how IS that possible!? ;)) We also got him a portable seat that fits in his bag for outings, though I don't think he's comfortable going anywhere but home.

Given that little fact we didn't know in advance, we've had to accommodate for possible accidents and found a waterproof liner for his car seat so that we don't have to take out the entire seat in the event that we don't make it home in time. A bonus benefit? It'll catch crumbs too! Well, some of them anyway.

Tell us your best, brightest and most clever potty training tips! We know they won't all work for every child, but for anyone who's struggling you might just suggest the magic formula for success! Also, don't hesitate to offer up a "I wish I had known better than to..." tip as well. :)