Whales Tohorā at the Canadian Museum of Nature

The Canadian Museum of Nature has a new exhibit, Whales Tohorā, that is sure to be a hit with your children. E and I had the opportunity to attend a preview event before the exhibit opened on March 2nd and we can't wait to go back for more!

As we approached the Museum our excitement grew with the view of the large inflatable blue whale in the Queen's Lantern.  We soon learned that the whale has not been named and the Museum is currently holding a Name-the-Whale contest. Check out the website to vote or suggest a name - you could win a free one year membership or a special souvenir!

The exhibit highlights three elements - Whale Lab, Whale People and Strandings. The gigantic whale skeleton that hung above us throughout the exhibit was amazing. We loved reading the facts posted, viewing the large whale teeth and skulls and following the whale trail stations (ideal for children older than my almost 3 year old). Another one of the neat features was the life-sized model of the blue whale heart (the largest on the planet!) that the children especially loved to explore.

There are a number of interactive activities to keep the children busy including touch-screen games and short videos. We stayed and watched a sperm whale on the hunt for a squid in the Search and Destroy video a few times because E found it absolutely exhilirating.

While we were at the Museum we were also sure to visit the dinosaurs, polar bear, grizzly bears and the rest of our favourites.  E and I are especially looking forward to go back to watch the new 3D Movie, Turtle Vision.

During March Break, the Museum will be hosting a number of activites from a Whale Dinner, Whale Bingo, Whale Crafts and Ocean Curiosities. For more information about Whales Tohorā visit the Musem's website and pack up the kids for a visit!

Alicia is mother to E (2 ¾) and blogs at I Found My Feet.

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