Early Years

by Amy We just moved to an entirely new neighbourhood and I have switched to being at home all day with the kid, so we've been looking for some activities to keep her busy and tire her out a bit. The last time I was at the doctor, she mentioned the community resource centre not too far from our new house, so I went in to pick up some information and found that it's also the location of an Early Years Centre.

Every Early Years Centre has scheduled drop-ins and special programs. I had previously been to one of the centres to see a lactation consultant and they actually loaned me a breast pump. My husband also took our daughter to a drop-in for Dads when she was younger. This week I decided to try the toddler drop-in, partly because I want her to play with other kids, which she hasn't done much of since she left daycare, and I wanted to meet people from our new neighbourhood.

When we arrived I was worried we would be the only ones there, but it was packed. The Early Years Centre was a big room with a place to hang you coats and leave your bags, a few shelves of books, and then a play area and a craft area with tables. There was also a play area outside. My kid spent most of her time in the play kitchen, but I don't think she noticed the dress-up area.

After a good long play and snack time, there was circle time with songs and movement. My kid was shy at first but got right into it by the end.

I think my daughter was the oldest kid there, so next week we'll attend the open drop in instead, that one is for kids up to age six. She got some play time, so fun and interaction, and I had a couple of nice conversations too. I'm looking forward to next week.

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