Top 5 Baby Items to bring when Travelling

by Amanda Over the past two years we have travelled with at least one child (and now have 2!) under the age of 2 to Florida, Toronto and Montreal (frequently!), cottages, Eastern Townships and a few other places in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.  With trips being for the day up to 10 days we are learning how to pack more efficiently and only bring what we truly need.  Here are my top 5 baby items that we don’t leave home without!

1. Baby Carriers- we don’t leave home without a soft structured carrier like our Ergo  or Onya  baby soft structured carriers and a woven wrap.  This way we always have a way to carry both children at the same time! Our woven wrap can also double as a blanket, something to sit on or a way to shade the sun.

2. Bumbo Chair - once baby is able to support their own neck and head this chair comes on all travels with us. It allows baby a place to sit when we are eating so they feel part of the conversation.  Note: DO NOT LEAVE baby unattended on any surface at any time! We use ours when sitting on the deck and put baby under the umbrella, at restaurants, to sit in the bathroom when we need a shower and many other times! We’ve also been known to leave it on top of our car when travelling and drive away leaving it behind in places like Hudson, Quebec ;)

3. Aden & Anais blankets - these light blankets are very big which allows a place for baby to lay down and play or can cover up our toddler and make the perfect sun shade when the kids are in a baby carrier and it’s a hot sunny day.  Also? These blankets are big enough to snuggle up your toddler!

4. Goodbyn Lunch containers - These containers have compartments that allow us to pack a variety of food for the whole family on a road trip.  We have adult size and kid size ones! Packed with raisins, goldfish, sandwiches, cheese and crackers the long drive is made a little easier so we don’t have to stop too often.

5. Planet Wise wet bags - Not only are these wonderful for cloth diapering families we use our waterproof bags for when we spend days at the beach and splash pads so we can throw our wet stuff in it. These bags are also wonderful for dirty laundry.

What are your most have items when travelling with a baby? What kind of adventurous family trips have you taken with baby?

Amanda is a mom to a 2 year old boy and 4 month old baby girl.  When she is not out having fun with the kids you can find her getting her yoga on at

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