More books to stretch the Imagination this summer!

 Our August post from the Ottawa Public Library was written by Andrea Gowing at the Centennial branch.  Thanks for more great books suggestions!!

Imagine a Day ; Imagine a Night; Imagine a Place - by Sarah L. Thomson, illustrated by Rob Gonsalves

These three books encourage the reader to ‘imagine!”  Stunning illustrations by Rob Gonsalves remind us of Eischer and Chris Van Allsburg as they draw you in to experience this world of illusions and fantasy art.   There is so much to look at that you see the impossible, you look twice because you are not sure that you really saw what you think you saw!

Thomson's brief sentences pack in imagery and paint pictures in your mind.  The beautiful text helps you to open up your or mind to a sense of wonder.   Experience these books together with a child of any age!

Not a Box; Not a Stick - Antoinette Portis

Both written and illustrated by Portis, these two simply drawn books open the child’s mind to possible uses of both a box and a stick.  Bunny is NOT playing with a box, he is imagining that is so many other things: a car; robot; hot air balloon; a building on fire, and more.  Likewise, Pig is NOT playing with a stick, it is: a caveman’s spear; a fishing rod; a paintbrush.

Children will love guessing what Bunny and Pig will dream up on the next page!   These are great read aloud books for Preschoolers.

If I Were A Jungle Animal – by Amanda Ellery;  Illustrated by Tom Ellery Who hasn’t watched the bored young outfielder building sandcastles or making daisy rings during a particularly slow game?  Well, Morton is no different.  He gets little action during the game, and when coach yells at him to pay attention he uses his imagination to go on a wild adventure in the jungle.  Lions, snakes, giraffes, monkeys and elephants join him on this jungle journey.  But uh oh, here comes a fly ball, will Morton catch the ball?  Amanda & Tom Ellery have written and illustrated a bright and funny tale for children 3-6 yrs.

Flotsam – David Weisner

What better time of year to discover this book, than summertime!  Beach day and a young boy is ready to explore all that the ocean pitches onto the sandy beach.  With binoculars, magnifying glass, and microscope at hand he can look closer and closer at so many interesting things.   He finds an old barnacle encrusted camera, that still has film in it – he waits for the film to be processed and finally he can see what has been captured through the lens.  Astonishingly, the pictures depict amazing scenes of aliens, mechanical fish, an octopus leading storytime, and then lastly a young girl holding a picture of another child holding a picture, of another child holding a picture...back and back in time it goes.  Through pictures alone, this wordless book has such a clear narrative that the reader quickly creates a greater story with their own storylines.  Spend some time absorbing the pictures in this book and share your story with a curious young person.  Pre K – grade 4 and even older.

You are a Lion: and other Fun Yoga Poses  -   Taeeun Yoo

How much fun is it for a preschooler to pretend to be something?  This book allows children to imagine that they are a lion, a dog, snake, butterfly and more, while assuming simple, safe yoga poses.  Stick out your tongue and you are a lion, hop and you are a frog, down on your belly you are a snake!   Simply illustrated and told, children will love trying the different poses, and seeing how they can really imagine being this animal.  This book would be wonderful with a group of children or one on one.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret  -  Brian Selznick

This stunningly illustrated and written book is the story of Hugo, who lives in the walls of a Paris train station.  Hugo’s story is brought to life through a blend of written language, the language of illustration, and cinematic technique.   One “reads” the illustrations as they continue the story past the written word rolling out like a silent film.  Twelve year old Hugo lives alone and hand to mouth as he tends the station’s several clocks.  Hugo’s late father was a clockmaker at a museum, where he found an automaton, and early robot, that sits human like at a desk, pen poised ready to write.  Hugo becomes obsessed with restoring it to working order.  He uses the notes his father kept as he was working on the automaton, but there is mystery surrounding where it came from and how it works.  Children aged 9-12 will crawl in your lap to see more deeply into the pictures and adults will be mesmerised by the plot tied to the history of cinema.   A magical and imaginative read to be sure!

Except If  --  Jim Averbeck

This book, with its very simple text and illustrations, allows the reader to stretch their imagination by presenting a puzzle on every page.  "An egg is not a baby bird, / but it will become one / except if..."  Turn the page, and see what it could be.  Children can use their imagination and predict what it could be; will it be a snake, a bird, a dinosaur?  A very clever storyline that teaches children about animals who hatch from eggs, surely an added bonus.   Preschoolers to Kindergarten will love this interactive book.

Don’t forget to visit your local library branch to sign up for the TD Summer Reading Club and get  your free poster, activity booklet and stickers. Keep reading all summer long!

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