Bouncing all over the place

by Amy I first ran into Brinkeetos at an event where they were doing dance demonstrations for the kids and my daughter joined right in. I made a mental note then and there to go in for a visit. I was reminded a few times when I saw friends on Twitter taking their kids there but it wasn't until recently that I finally got there.

Brinkeetos hosts daily drop-in play-times, you can drop your kids off for Brink Care or for Date Night and they offer classes for young kids as well.

I wasn't sure what to expect but when we walked in we found a beautiful, clean play room full of fun.

Everything is safe and padded and my daughter could hardly decide what to do first. There was the climbing wall, the ropes to hang from, the ball pit, she ran through all of it.

Her favourite part was the two large pieces of elasticized fabric hanging from the ceiling on one end of the room. She climbed in and threw herself around and loved every minute. Now when she wants to go to Brinkeetos she asks to go to the "Jolly Jumper play place."

The best part was that while she ran around experimenting I sat on the sidelines without any worry at all that she might hurt herself.

The staff are friendly, the cost is reasonable given the amount of energy my daughter can release in a short time there. Brinkeetos will be a mainstay for us as the weather gets colder.

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