Earth Day Ideas: Mini Geenhouses

In honor of Earth day on April 22, I thought it would be interesting to highlight some craft ideas I had found online and mesh them with spring and recycling. My favourite ideas are how to create mini greenhouses using recyclable materials. Empty Rotisserie Chicken Container

Take an old rotisserie chicken container and wash it out well. Fill the container with some fresh soil and seed starting mix and add water. Punch holes in the soil, push the seeds in and cover it up with more soil. That's it. Pretty Simple.

mini greenhouse

Leave the container is a sunny spot in your house and water as needed based on the seeds. Within about a week, you should some new sprouts.

Empty Pop Bottles

Another way to go is by using a 2 or 3 liter clear pop bottle. Cut the bottom off as deep as your seedlings require. About two inches should do for most types of seeds. Leave the cap on the top and slide the top down over the bottom after the seeds are planted. If you need to let some extra moisture out, take off the cap during the daytime.


Egg Cartons

Take a large egg carton, either styrofoam or cardboard will do. Cut a hole in the lid nearly the same size as the lid and cover it with plastic wrap and secure the wrap in place with tape. Fill each egg compartment with bit of soil. Place between 2-4 seeds in each compartment and cover with soil. If you're using the cardboard variety, place on a tray to catch any water run off. 

egg garden

For all the mini-greenhouses, it's important to put them in a sunny spot and give plenty of water. You can lift or remove lids as needed to let release some of the heat and humidity based on the seed's needs. Place al the greenhouses in a spot that you and your kids can watch your plants grow!

What Earth Day Ideas do you have to share?