Earth Day 2013

green earthMonday, April 22 is Earth Day and it's fast approaching. What better way to celebrate than to start on an eco-initiative with your kids? Becoming eco-friendly at home doesn't need to be an exhausting endeavor. It can start with talking to your kids about the importance of  trying to protect our planet and its resources.  Think of some easy ways to being the idea of sustainable living to your home. Some simple ways include recycling your garbage at home, picking up trash at the park, making litter-less lunches for school or thinking of ways to conserve water and energy.

Teaching kids the message of Earth Day is the legacy we leave for future generations. The most important thing for kids to know is that Earth Day is not just one day of celebrating, but instead a reminder of what we should be doing all year long. As adults, it's our job to teach them this. Our kids do listen and learn from us.

If you're stuck for some ideas, check out Earth Day Canada for some great ways to go green.  Eco-Kids also has a great site to find games, activities  books and other ways to help our planet. If you're looking for some great eco-friendly and sustainable living products, our sponsor terra20 is a great place to check out.

How will you and your family help the environment this Earth Day?