Great Listens for your Summer Road Trip

Kristal Craig from the Centennial Branch of the Ottawa Public Library shares some great audio selections for your summer road trips. 

Skippyjon Jones

Skipyjon jonesAn overactive imagination is what Skippyjon Jones has. He is a Siamese cat who takes you on all types of silly adventures and you never know where you will end up. Fun  for the whole family.

 Jamie Lee Curtis Collection

Untitled2Relive days gone by with your little ones while listening to these stories by Jamie Lee Curtis.  You will laugh and giggle and want to hear them again and again.

Puff the Dragon

Untitled3We all remember the song of this magical dragon. Puff will have you and your children inspired to travel to the land of Honah Lee or any land of their choice. This lovely illustrated book will have your children mesmerized and humming right along. Delightful!

Jillian Jiggs

Untitled4Jillian Jiggs has boundless energy and imagination, one minute she is putting on plays, the next minute she's a tree. How could it be possible for Jillian to make time to clean up her room when, there are so many wonderful things to make and do? What will she think of next!

 The Uglified Ducky

Untitled5Think you know the story of the Ugly Duckling?  Think again!  When this “Uglified Ducky”, a young moose,”blunders away” from home, he is mistaken for a baby duck and he tries to learn to waddle, quack, swim and fly.  In the end, he finds his true “family”, who help him appreciate his own beauty.  Wonderful storytelling by Willy Claflin.

Audiobooks for older children 8 and up

Because of Winn Dixie

Untitled6New to the town of Naomi, Florida,  ten-year-old Opal  tells us about her first summer and how new and exciting things happen to her because she gets herself a dog named Winn-Dixie.

The Night Fairy

Untitled7A night fairy is shocked to find herself wingless after a terrible encounter with a bat. Grounded and living in a garden, Flory works at becoming a day fairy. Finding a way to make friends and a new life, she discovers that there's more to life than flight.


Untitled8At the age of thirteen, all of the children in the Beaumont family receive a “savvy” or unworldly power.  One brother can create hurricanes, the other makes electricity…. and now it’s Mibs' big day.  But something happens to her Poppa, and her mother and her big brother have to leave Mibs to adjust to her “savvy”, all on her own...

The Ulysses Moore

Untitled9Jason, Julia, and Rick have discovered one of the secrets of Argo Manor -- the Door to Time. A mysterious land of labyrinths, riddles, and secrets. Hidden somewhere in the past, Jason and Rick have to find the map to Kilmore Cove, but where?

Gregor The Overlander

Untitled10Gregor, an 11 year old boy, falls down a grate in his laundry room into a strange new world called the Underland. There he becomes an unwilling warrior and leads an alliance of Underlanders on a quest to rescue a fellow Overlander.  Gregor’s adventure will change everything for himself, the Underlanders, and may solve the biggest mystery of his life.

The Unwanteds

Untitled11Wanted or Unwanted - 13-year-old twins Aaron and Alex ponder their fate.  What will society decide for them...  Aaron is sent to University, “Wanted” and Alex to be eliminated, “Unwanted”.   But being “eliminated” holds unknown surprises for Alex, who finds himself in a remarkable world where he can show his abilities and learn magic.

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