With the Greatest of Ease: SkyZone Indoor Trampoline Park

"This is fun!" my daughter yelled as she moved from trampoline to trampoline. When I heard this place was opening in Ottawa, I suspected she would like Sky Zone and I was correct. We spent 45 minutes there moving from the trampolines to the foam pit and the basketball – which proved to hard for either of us. I took pictures. I didn't get a single clear one.


Sky Zone offers the misnamed 'Toddler Time" for kids up to age 6 on weekdays so that's when we went in. For the period we were there it was us and a little boy with his dad.

My kid did somersaults and pratfalls, she threw herself around and bounced and flipped and spent the whole time laughing.

We agreed that we will have to take Daddy when we go back. It's possible that Daddy and I might go on our own to take part in one of the 3D Dodgeball games too...

Have you been to SkyZone Indoor Trampoline Park yet? What did you think?