A Poem for Ty

I met Rachel online through a local Facebook group. Her posts are always touching, and often hilarious. I convinced her to publish something here at Kids in the Capital. This is a poem she wrote for her son...get the kleenex! Ty

A Poem for Ty, With Love from your Mummy

Make time for me mummy Slow down your pace You know what I need Life isn't a race

Let me feel your touch Breathe in your scent Let me lay with you The way babies were meant

Let me run my hands Up and down your arm Let me snuggle and cuddle Safe from all harm

Make time for me mummy I'm not little for long Take me for walks Sing me a song

Let me be carefree Let me set the pace Let's sit here for a while Let me memorize your face

Make time for me mummy I don't need money or stuff Make time for me mummy Your love is enough

In a time when the world Is running around Make time for me mummy The time can be found

We may have less in terms of material things But you'll soon see what joy The time alone with me brings

Painting and laughing Giggles, a book This is how My childhood should look

I won't remember the house The nice cars or eating out But I'll remember the time spent Of that there's no doubt

So make time for me mummy Because when I get old The memories we're making I'll cherish like gold

Rachel Gill is a local Ottawa photographer and mother to 3 year old Ty. For examples of her work or to contact Rachel please visit her Facebook page  or email her at rachcameron@hotmail.com