A little running around

I'm enamoured with the new Richcraft Community Centre in Kanata. It's not too far a drive from our home in Stittsville and the pool is nice and warm. I signed my daughter up for swimming lessons there and we discovered that right as her lessons end there is open gym time for kids up to 6 years. Now that's our plan for Tuesdays – swimming lessons followed by open gym time. The open gym is $2.25 for us but free for members, and well worth the cost for an hour of running around, playing with balls and ribbons and everything else the staff pulls out for fun and games.

New style goaltending

Richcraft is not the only community centre to offer the open gym time, you can check the city website to see when your local community centre has some time for play.

We're going to be inviting some friends for next week!

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