One for the Birds

BirDay Fair poster 2014 Looking for a fun and FREE activity for your kids? Check out Nature Canada's Bird Day Fair on May 31, 2014 (10am to 4pm at Andrew Haydon Park).

Before we purchased our own home, I really knew nothing about birds (um, except that most of them fly....:) ). However, now that we own TREES and have invested in several bird feeders, I'm delighted to see these feathery friends paying us a visit.

Of course my personal favourite is the Chickadee, but the Bird Day Fair will be a celebration of Canada's migratory birds (my chickadees like to hang out all winter!). Some birds travel as far as 25,000 miles round trip from their breeding grounds in the Canadian arctic to their wintering grounds in South America.

Here are some highlights of the day:

  • Falcon Ed is back this year by popular demand. Meet life raptors and see their impressive free flight demonstrations
  • Join experts on nature walks where you will spot birds and other natural wonders
  • Let your creative side loose by helping to build a bird nest big enough to sit in, and learn how to make your own ink prints
  • Learn about bird banding, a method that scientists use to study birds, by being banded yourself
  • Meet local groups working to protect wildlife

For more information on what is happening at the Bird Day Fair, check out the event page.

If you are interested in volunteering at this event, please contact Sarah Kirkpatrick-Wahl at


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