The Best Cookbook for Kids You'll Ever Buy

Picky kids grow up to be picky teenagers - eating you out of house and home, but more like "leave the broccoli Mom...I got myself a box of Kraft Dinner!"

I was notoriously picky as a kid, and maintained that trend throughout high school. It wasn't until I moved away from home and had to cook for myself that I discovered that most people don't live off Zoodles and chicken nuggets. Normal people eat...gasp...stir-fry?

I'll be forever grateful to my Mom for buying me a copy of Clueless in the Kitchen: A Cookbook for Teens. To date, this is the recipe book I STILL refer to most often - and that's saying a lot for a self-proclaimed chef, who spends hours in the kitchen when she finds the time! It's simple, everyday recipes that everyone should know how to cook. And although you may not consider it the healthiest cookbook on the market (she doesn't skimp on comfort foods), it's a huge step in the right direction - real food, and simple ingredients.

Clueless in the Kitchen

The book starts by providing a guide to the kitchen - which gadgets are for what, safety and how to chop, slice and dice. There are handy conversion charts, and tips scattered throughout the recipes (e.g. how to make your own buttermilk). The end of the book provides funny menu plans for entertaining boy/girl-friends or cheering up a depressed friend.

There are no fancy pictures in this book. You won't be flipping through it drooling, but neither will you be scared off from ever actually using it ( many of you have shiny, glossy cookbooks on your shelves that have never been cracked open?)

So if you have kids approaching their tween/teen years, you may want to consider this a gift. And then tell them that Friday night dinners are their responsibility :)

Do you have a cookbook that your kids use?