Worth a Visit: Shenkman Arts Centre

It's our weekly "Worth a Visit" series! Have an idea you'd like to submit? The only requirements are that it must be in the Ottawa region and kid-friendly! Email Misty at kidsinthecapital@gmail.com

When we moved to Orleans, one of my first thoughts was "oh good, there's a theatre here!" I was born and raised in the suburbs of Toronto, and spent a lot of time downtown at the various theatres in that city. I wanted music and the arts to be a big part of our family life, so as soon as my daughter was old enough, I took her to her first show.

Shenkman Arts Centre is a wonderful hub of activity. We've seen several shows there - the Nutcracker, Duffle Bag Theatre, and coming soon, Sharon and Bram! Our family also attends their free events and festivals, like the upcoming Fête Frissons on February 7th. There are frequent art displays in the galleries, and many options for children's programming.

And bonus for parents, there are great shows for adults (some sponsored by Beau's beer - yum!). We recently saw Jeremy Fisher and Danny Michel there, which was an amazing performance! Check out their website for details on upcoming shows, and support our community's arts and culture!

Have you been to Shenkman? Have a favourite show you've seen? Leave a comment below!