Hosting an Art Party with Tracy's Art Studio

By Amy

I have always made a point to host my daughter's birthday outside of our home. Partly because we keep the mess out that way, but also because I'm not very creative when it comes to dreaming up activities for my own kid, let alone a small group of them. 

Hosting a birthday at another location also limits the number of guests she can invite, which makes things manageable. 

For her fifth birthday she originally wanted a skating party, but I pointed out that some of her friends might not be able to skate, and suggested maybe we find something else. While we brainstormed I remembered there was a new place that just opened not too far from where we live: Tracy's Art Studio

My kid loves arts and crafts.

I did a quick check of Tracy's website and found out that she does host birthday parties, talked to the kid and decided to book it. 

On the day of the party all we had to do was show up, bring some munchies and the cake. Tracy's Art Studio has a large, nicely decorated activity room in the back with a large table for all the kids to sit around.

And the floor is perfect for jumping up and down waiting for your guests to arrive too...

When all the guests had arrived Tracy's handed out clay for the project they were going to do – making clay dogs. The kid got to pick this as her birthday activity out of a list, they also could have painted, done drawings, or worked with mixed media.

When the dogs were all done Tracy's took them off to put them in her oven and the kids got to eat and chat and play a bit. All the plates, utensils and cups were provided, and for an extra cost they will put together loot bags for you with some more great art supplies for the kids to take home.

After the party we decided that the kid could also attend the March Break camp at Tracy's. Now I'm considering booking one of her art parties for MY birthday. 

Tracy's Art Studio is on Iber Rd. in Stittsville. She offers classes as well as parties and camps.