Celebrating Awesome Partners

Valentine's Day is coming up, and kids are busy doing cute crafts at school or daycare, while parents plan for a night out (or in!) to celebrate their love for each other.

This past weekend my husband spent 2 hours sitting with our 5 year-old to work on handmade Valentine's Day cards for her classmates. He painstakingly cut out every shape, and she helped him to glue the tiny pieces onto the cards. Here's the result:

Valentine's Cards

So I wanted to take a moment to recognize my husband's amazing efforts, and the fact that he is definitely a parenting superstar! Since becoming a stay-at-home Dad, my hubby has single-handedly:

  • Gotten the kids dressed and out the door in -35 weather
  • cleaned the house from top to bottom in preparation for guests arriving
  • washed the toilet bowl!!
  • washed, sorted and put away mountains of laundry
  • made dinner almost every night of the week
  • snuggled sick kiddos...

...and so much more! All the while working in other people's homes as a handyman. I get tired just watching him!

So in the spirit of Valentine's Day, THANK YOU dear husband. You mean the world to me!

Do you have an amazing partner? Share one reason why you're grateful for your partner in crime!