Winter Market at Lansdowne

Looking for something different to do this past weekend, we decided to take a trip to Lansdowne Park and check out the new design.

A beautiful outdoor rink at Lansdowne Park

A beautiful outdoor rink at Lansdowne Park

We started by visiting Aberdeen Pavilion, where the Ottawa Farmer's Market hosts a winter market every Sunday from 10am - 3pm. We got sticky cinnamon buns from our favourite Ethiopian guy and fresh eggs from Bearbrook Farms.

The food and buskers were great, but the highlight was the LRT train exhibit. We got to check out the inside of the train that will be used on the new Confederation Line. The display will be there until the end of March, after which time it will move to OC Transpo headquarters.

Next, Dad and the 5 year-old did some skating on the outdoor rink behind the Pavilion, while I took the 2 year-old to check out Whole Foods. Wow, what a place!! I think I would definitely go broke if I was living near that grocery store.

The downside of the trip? A $55 parking ticket :( We didn't read the signs properly, and thought parking would be free on Sundays. Turns out it's never free, and it's only 1 hour parking, pay and display. I'm considering heading to City Hall to plead poverty and Mommy brain, and see if I can get the ticket dropped. $55 is the early payment price, after which it goes up to $75!! Seems like an outrageous amount to charge.

My advice? Park somewhere in the Glebe and go for a nice walk to get there. Doesn't seem worth it to park there and worry about moving your car every hour.

I looked longingly at the LRT train after that ticket....2023 couldn't come fast enough for those of us in the East end!