Worth a Visit: The Loft Board Game Lounge

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EEK! I'm very excited to be introducing this "Worth a Visit" place on Kids in the Capital today. I love discovering new family-friendly places in Ottawa.

I discovered The Loft Board Game Lounge because we had our office's Christmas party there....in February. Yes, I know, it's strange to hold a Christmas party in February, but you have to admit that December is often too busy, right?

A friend at work knows the owner of The Loft, and we decided it would be a fun team-building exercise to challenge our co-workers to one of the hundreds of games they have to play.

Shelves upon shelves of games

Shelves upon shelves of games

This place is incredible. They have every game you've ever loved or hated to play. I never thought of myself as someone who loves games, but I could see a small obsession growing with this place. I can't wait to take the kids there.

If you have younger children, it might be best to check out The Loft one afternoon. I've heard evenings can get busy, especially with other bars in the area. The location is smack dab in the middle of town (14 Waller Street), and they serve meals, coffee/tea and craft beers. Even better, the staff is always willing to help sit down with guests and explain the games (thank goodness, as we chose Pandemic, probably the most complicated game of all time). Check out the website for a list of their games and more information.

This is one gem you definitely don't want to miss! Happy Gaming!!